Expanding Your Cattle Ranch? Here's Why You Should Consider Investing In Hopper Bottom Bins

28 September 2021
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Taking care of even a small group of cattle is a challenging job, no matter how well set up a ranch is. Expanding a cattle ranch brings on a whole new set of challenges to contend with, such as figuring out how to feed all the cattle in an effective manner. If you are planning to expand your cattle ranch, you should consider investing in new hopper bottom bins to get the cattle fed. Here are a few good reasons to do so:

Save Time and Money

Hopper bottom silos do require an initial investment, but they should pay for themselves within just a year or two because of the money you will save on feed as time goes on. The hoppers will allow you to purchase feed in bulk, which is much cheaper than buying small amounts at a time because you have nowhere to store it. Once your hoppers pay for themselves, you can put the money you save on cattle feed back into your pocket.

Another benefit of using hopper bottom silos is having the opportunity to save some time. When it comes time to feed your cattle, you can simply open the shoot on your hopper and release as much feed as you need into feeding bins for the cattle to eat from. No longer do you have to manually transfer feed from bags or smaller bins to get your cattle fed.

Ensure Proper Preservation

Investing in new hopper bottom silos as you expand your cattle ranch will allow you to ensure that your feed stays well preserved and does not get ruined due to rain and other outdoor conditions. Hopper bottom silos are well-sealed and will keep moisture, dirt, and debris from ever touching your cattle feed. You won't have to worry about dealing with moldy or contaminated feed.

Make Access Convenient

Making access to your feed convenient for everyone who works on your ranch is another convenient benefit of investing in hopper bottom silos. The silos sit right in the feeding area and never have to be moved into a barn or anywhere else due to weather. The feed is easily accessible through shoots located at the bottom of the silos, so there is no need for opening containers or using large scoops to get the feed you need at any given time.

Talk to a hopper bin silo dealer today to learn about the size and design options available to you and to find out about pricing, delivery availability, and any permitting laws that must be followed in your area.