Soundproofing A Warehouse & Store

14 March 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Do you need to move your online store into a brick and mortar building on a budget? If you will also need a warehouse for storing inventory for the store, it doesn't mean that you need two separate buildings. If you are worried about the equipment in the warehouse being too loud and echoing into the store area of your building, there is a way to resolve the problem. It is possible for you to make a satisfactory business investment that will not go over the budget that you have in mind. Take a look at the content below to get a general idea of what can be done to run a store and warehouse out of the same building without noise being a problem.

Invest in an Acoustic Underlayment for the Floors

Noise is able to radiate into different rooms via the floors, especially if your floors will be constructed with a hard material like concrete. The best way to prevent such a problem from occurring in your store is to get an acoustic underlay installed in the warehouse area of your building. Basically, the underlayment will be able to prevent noise from traveling through your building in a loud manner. There are different underlayment materials to choose between, so the extent of the effect will depend on what is purchased. For instance, you can opt for the type of material that is rubber-based and able to reduce the noise from objects being dropped on the floor.

Soundproof the Walls in the Warehouse Area

Another way to reduce the noises that will come from the warehouse is to choose a specific type of insulation for the walls. You should opt for an insulation material that is able to prevent noise from coming through walls. The noise might not be reduced completely, but it will be lowered to a level that is able to meet your satisfaction. The quality of the insulation will also play a role in how well it is able to block out the sound. Keep in mind that drywall might have to be demolished for the insulation to be installed, so plan for it in your budget if necessary.

Be Strategic About Using Loud Warehouse Equipment

If you are concerned about the noise from warehouse equipment during store hours, be strategic about when the equipment is used. For instance, set hours that consists of your warehouse employees to only work when the store area of the building is closed. However, you won't have to worry about the noise during storehouse if the right soundproofing techniques are used.