Orderly Operations Through Engaged Technological Solutions - Advantages Of Using A Pallet Wrapper

25 May 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Setting up a reliable logistics and shipping systems can be a difficult challenge for even experienced management personnel, but it gets easier through the deployment of modern technology. Pallet wrapping systems which secure inventory and protect your logistics components can be extremely valuable, but many people hesitate to add more equipment to their process.

If you're in that group of hesitant people, you should strongly reconsider your objections. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of utilizing a pallet wrapper in your loading system, guaranteeing that you can have a smooth operation which will always allow you to reach your shipping goals without stressing your work force.

Cleaner Packaging

One of the most important marketing tools available to any business is packaging. When your products are in a well designed, crisp package, they'll be more attractive to customers, and you'll have greater success at moving inventory. Unfortunately, the shipping process has the potential to create incidental damage which may challenge that stability.

By using a pallet wrapper, you can add a layer of protection to packages which may otherwise be exposed. Tightly packing individual pieces of inventory in cellophane can allow corners to remain sharp while avoiding any dings or dents in the surface of a box, allowing your products to arrive on shelves in the same state they left your factory.

Efficient Counting

Without requiring uniformity on each pallet, it can be difficult to keep up with inventory and shipping counts. A more open system can lead to pieces of inventory being shifted from one pallet to another, sometimes accidentally. This can result in orders arriving with inaccurate counts, creating frustration from your customers.

Relying on a pallet wrapping system can help guarantee that every pallet is stacked with equal inventory by securing precise orders under tight wrapping. This can help prevent accidental displacement, and can also guarantee that you don't lose pieces to other means as well.

Pallet Protection

Your pallets themselves have value as an organizing tool, and if they're constantly under stress in a warehouse environment, you may find yourself replacing them more frequently than is economically optimal. Rather than exposing them to the potentially damaging forces of a busy warehouse, shielding your pallets through the use of pallet wrapping can allow them to last for a longer time and help guarantee that your shipping process remains a strong, stable, and profitable part of your business. For more information, contact a business such as Fox Packaging Services